Meet our Team!

Rhonda – President

Rhonda Baker joined in the fall of 2003.  She was recruited to come sing and be the replacement for the Treasurer of Trebs, who was retiring and moving up north.
The following year the President stepped down and Rhonda took on this responsibility, which she continues currently, working closely with the Executive team.
Over the years,  Rhonda has worn many hats, but a couple highlights are: 1) incorporating Treblaires and becoming a not-for-profit community choir in 2006. 2)  In that capacity, applied for and won an Ontario Trillium grant in 2009, which we used to upgrade sound equipment and purchase staging. Other hats worn have been in website design and some costuming.  Along this musical journey Rhonda has also become the sound system tech, which can be tricky, but also rewarding as each venue Treblaires performs at has different challenges, it always works out in the end!
Her background and love of music and performance was engendered by growing up in a houseful of music. Her paternal grandfather as well as her parents played in dance bands. She learned tunes and harmonies by osmosis as her bedroom was over the living room where band practices were held every Wednesday evening.  When Rhonda was old enough, she too took up an instrument, first tenor saxophone, then trumpet. In her family, singing was for those who could not play an instrument, but it was singing that held great allure for her.  In later years Rhonda finally started using her voice and also started playing assorted drums and guitar.

‘Music is a never-ending journey of discovery and inspiration. Treblaires is a never-ending source of joy and and sustenance on many levels.’

Emily – Director

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Emily Tokola moved to the warmer climate of the Niagara Region in 2017. Emily began performing at a young age with the JSANO School of Arts and loved the stage. She has performed in musical theatre productions, as a singer-songwriter and has even worked behind the scenes and in studio. Emily earned her Bachelor of Music in Voice and Music Education ’15 from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Bachelor of Education ’17 from Nipissing University. After almost 20 years of performing, Emily was thrilled to join the Treblaires in Fall 2018 as their Director. Emily is an intermediate teacher in the Niagara region as well as runs a private music studio, specializing in voice, piano and theory.

‘Music is a universal language that binds us all together. No matter where you come from, or how you got here, music is the way.’

Mary – VP

Mary joined the Treblaires in 2004. She was asked after her first season if she wanted to join the production team. Shortly thereafter she was the production manager for a few years. Today, as a member of the production team, she is more involved with costume design and assisting where she can. Mary has no previous musical experience, in fact, her Grade 5 music teacher discouraged her from singing! It wasn’t until her mid-forties that Mary explored that possibility again, taking some voice lessons and found a choir that she truly loves. Mary learns by ear and loves the joy she feels in her heart when singing. Mary is the Vice President on the Board of Directors (Executive) with this great group of women.

‘We are not your usual choir and I encourage anyone who has an interest in singing and performing in costume to come on out and see what we are all about.’ 

Cathy – Secretary

Cathy joined Treblaires in 1999, and has enjoyed 2 full decades of music and singing with this extraordinary group of women! This past December was her 21st Christmas show, each with a different theme and set of costumes, but all filled with love of song. Most of Cathy’s musical background comes from high school, but as a young family she always had music in her home. Cathy is currently the Secretary on the Board of Directors (Executive), a role which she’s held for quite some time. As we prepare for shows, Cathy loves to assist on the production team, create staging and backdrops, decor for the venues, and loves to help making costumes.

‘I love that everyone helps each other, from learning music, to designing costumes and am happy to be a part of the Treblaires family.’

Kate – Production

Jacki – Treasurer